Heritage home spray foam insulation

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Attic Insulation | 0 comments

Our company has been specializing in retrofitting the insulation in century homes an heritage houses. This house is a heritage house in downtown Toronto , it is currently being used as a fraternity house for students who are attending University of Toronto We had received a call regarding this house, regarding what we can do to improve the energy costs. Sine the building owner was doing a renovation inside the building they thought it would be a great time to remove the old insulation and replace it with spray foam insulation and since the students were done with there classes we...

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Canada Day , last minute insulation removal

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It’s Canada day and our client had an urgent request to remove this old yucky insulation from his attic , we sure stepped up to the plate. Your browser does not support the video tag

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June 28 2013, unique spray foam application

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Our company had the pleasure of working on this architectural wonder, here is a unique view of where we applied #sprayfoam #insulation , in order to get maximum results #foamit

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June 27 2013 , prepping of old brick home for spray foam insulation

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Our client had just bought this property in the heart of down town Toronto, between Spadina and Bathurst , on King st. to be exact. They requested to have to flat roof insulated and for our company to keep the brick as clean as possible. These are our techniques to keeping exposed brick clean during a spray foam application #sprayfoam #insulation #foamit

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Every day should be Earth day

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At our facilities we do our best to give back and we believe it should be a global contribution as well.

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How To Install Blown In Attic Insulation

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Scenario: I have just completed an addition to my house. I've heard that blown in insulation is better than batts since covers the joists completely and leaves no open areas. Do you have any do it yourself suggestions? Solution: Yes you are correct. Blown in insulation is better that batts when installed properly as it does seal the attic better. First you need to measure your attic area that you plan on insulating. Most attics require a value of R-30, R-38 or R-49, depending on your climate and location. Once you know the square footage of your attic you can determine how much insulation...

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