I was in line at the dump one morning getting ready to drop off some waste. It was a Saturday morning, which is their busiest day. I had a pick up truck in front of me and I’m looking at what is in their pile of trash. I saw an old wooden bench with a really nice metal design. So I jump out of my truck and tap and the pick up trucks window and the driver of the vehicle rolls the window down. I ask him if he is throwing away the bench, in the back if his truck, he says yes! I tell him I will take it. He says its no good, I say I can fix it. So I ended up taking his bench.

I was very proud of my new find and I quickly put it outside our shop door. My initial intention was that when the crew comes before me they can sit and chill till I open up shop or I can step outside and enjoy the industrial area where we are located. Sometimes after a long days work it’s relaxing just to sit outside.

Well just a few days ago I get to the shop at 5:30am and its still dark outside and I see an elder women sitting on the bench. I smiled at her as I was opening the front door. She made an attempt to get up but I raised my palm giving her approval to stay. We had a language barrier I’m guessing she was working around the area. I asked if she would like something to drink while making a sign with my hand that indicated the drinking action. She nodded and smiled back. Days like that I wish I had a hot cup of tea to offer.

What that older lady doesn’t know is that she really made my day , I never knew that I would feel so good by having someone enjoy an old bench that I had picked off somebody else’s truck.

I’d like to thank the gentlemen that was throwing out the bench , it sure made a few people’s day, cheers !

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