This weekends spray foam insulation project was in Pickering.

At the Famous Knights on Guard Head Quarters

Durham spray foam insulation

This was the garage of Knights on Guard.


I would rate this an 11 out of 10 on difficulty. The ceiling was very high. We needed a double scaffold at times. The slope had a difference of 4 feet.In the Middle of the garage was a big lift. There was a huge rack in the back with oil in a tote, a compressor and various other heavy machinery.All this needed to be covered.The Joist pockets had gaps as big as 2 inches which needed to be stuffed ( Thanks Steve) Around the perimeter of the building was a coach bus and other mobile vehicles.


This is the inside of the garage, Look at how big the lift and garage door is.

This is the view from the other side. The big racking had to covered as well. Not an easy task

Picture of the bare ceiling before the application of spray foam

Covering the bus to avoid over spray

Covering the bus to avoid over spray

The view of the 401 ( Highway of Heroes ) off the bus

Spray foaming a garage


While in the garage we found the Knights on Guard Mascot and dressed it up a bit

Our new mascot

Overall we enjoyed the mascots enthusiasm on the job


still inspecting …


Getting a breath of fresh air

Checking on the resin and iso drums

Thinking of calling it a day

and the finished product

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