www.foamit.ca www.fb.com/foamit This is an overhang which is exposed to the cold.We were called in to spray foam it. Spray foam insulation A great choice for all your insulation needs is spray foam insulation. This exciting product has been labelled one of the most energy efficient insulation options. Spray foam insulation is a highly in demand product that is constantly being used and developed for more and more diverse projects every day. Its ability to insulate quickly and completely seal out air makes it a very attractive product for commercial and residential applications. With the dire situation our society is currently in of how to face our energy challenges, this product could be one of the best answers to help in ensuring the reduction in energy we so desperately are in need of. This green product has received exceptional reviews from a number of critics and all major stores are now stocking it. Spray foam insulation has revolutionised the insulation industry and is quickly becoming the top choice in the building industry for insulation. The main benefits of spray foam insulation are as follows: Quick and easy application — Anyone can use and install this project from your general homeowner to building trade professionals. Extremely effective — Creates a seamless barrier to ensure no drafts and complete protection from air and moisture. Saves energy costs — The amazing insulating and sealing properties help to immediately reduce your utility bills

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