Warm air has a tendency to naturally shift to cooler areas. Heat is exchanged between the inside air and the outside air in an attic. Warm air is leaked outside the house into the cooler climate when there is no proper insulation, while the hot air from outside come into the house on warm days. Your central air conditioning system can experience remarkable stress from this exchange and can consume a lot of energy. An ideal solution would be to insulate the attic. The attic is often farthest away from the central air conditioning system therefore it is hotter than the other parts of the house. This can control the intense temperature in the attic and create a comfortable place. Attic insulation costs are as follows (cost is likely to vary based on several factors):

Attic Insulation

The most commonly used and cheapest insulating material for homes is loose fill fibreglass. Mineral wool and cellulose are other insulating materials. Cellulose supply acoustical insulation and high thermal and is the main eco-friendly alternative. Batts/roll insulation comes in resources such as rock wool, cellulose and fibreglass and is slightly more expensive than loose fill. It is advised that you use the services of a professional to do the task if you choose loose fill insulation. For this type of insulation, the cost would be about USD 300 – USD 600 for an average- sized attic.

Another factor that determines the cost for attic insulation is the R-value or the resistance of the material. The higher the R value of the material, the more effective it will be at insulating. Naturally, the cost of insulation increases when the R value increases. Attics and other high rise ceilings like those of cathedrals demand a greater level R value than walls.

If you employ a contractor to insulate an open attic to contemporary standards, you are liable to spend USD 0.50 – USD 2.25 per sq ft. On the other hand, the R value desired and the local weather are expected to influence this cost. Hence, you will likely have to pay between USD 400 – USD 1800 for a 800 sq ft space. Your single option is roll out batting if you choose the attic insulation. For this choice, you will possibly spend approximately USD 100 – USD 500. Again, the size of attic, cost of material, and R value and other factors are sure to have an effect on the actual cost. Professional service is required for blow insulation which places the loose fill substance into the roof, wall or ceiling of the attic. Attic insulation in this case would cost about USD 2 – USD 3.50 per square foot. Hence, the approximate calculation for insulation using this method is about USD 2000 – USD 3500 for insulating a 1000 sq ft area.

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