So our team did a BIG spray foam job in the Muskoka’s this past weekend!

We also got real lucky this weekend, it was a real treat.

The boat house we insulated that was located in Bala

First our client let us stay over at their cottage on the weekend, second it was right on the lake in Bala.

And our client stayed the weekend with the crew, helping us and feeding us. Talk about Muskokan hospitality at its finest, the client gave us the  5 star treatment. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee’s and snacks.I pray I get to meet more people like this, in my life. Well I hope everyone does!

on our way to Bala

Its been a hurricane of a month for us, 7 days a week , 24 hours a day. Even thou we were working 12 hour shifts it still felt like a vacation. The view of the lake and fresh oxygen made it seem like a breeze. Kind of wished we weren’t booked for the  rest of the month, I’m sure we would have enjoyed a great few days off

This was right beside the house we insulated with spray foam

We had to park the truck right in front of the main street

The Heritage house we insulated with spray foam


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