There are only a handful of people that you can actually say you have known your whole life. My dear friend Katerina Nitsou is one of them. She moved out to L.A in 05. But we regularly speak to catch up and exchange ideas.

She comes back to Toronto twice a year sometimes more and when she comes I always get a ” Lets meet up, I’m in Toronto ” message.

Well , the sad thing is this time around (october 5 2012) I got the message and due to work being extremely busy and hectic. I couldn’t make time for her.

Its not like we are teenagers anymore where we can spend countless hours doing nothing or just kill time because we can.

It broke my heart to not be able to hang out and catch up.

Katerina Nitsou and I


I got to admit she is one of the best best people to hangout with and especially eat food with. I was lucky enough to make it to LA back in 07, she had some time off as well. She sure showed me around the city.We checked out dozens of spots from street vendors to upscale restaurants. We also did the clothing store circuit and cafe’s.

Her passion for food led her to one of the top Culinary Art schools ,Le Cordon Bleu. She’s involved with many aspects of the food industry. She’s already a cookbook writer , very impressive for her young age. A personal chef, wish she was at our shop cooking for us and a food blogger.She truly dedicates her time to sharing,growing and increasing her knowledge in food sciences. Thats why in my books she the best chef plus I’ve tried her food, totally mouth watering.

She’s also the legend behind the pizza I always order to surprise people.

Instead of tomato sauce I substitute it with BBQ sauce, extra cheese, pineapples and hot banana peppers on a thin crust.

Everyone always thinks i know my stuff, meanwhile i always hide my source.


The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

-Albert Einstein 


I would love to share my beautiful friends page Katerina Nitsou , drop her a line and say Hello!




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