Confession time

I have to admit that as I get older, certain actions boggle my mind.

The 1st being that I notice that the younger generation is becoming totally inconsiderate of their elders.

Personally I really don’t care if some stranger (who is younger) is giving me a hard time (not that I consider myself an elder), i can easily hold my own.

But when I see an elder or senior that is being disrespected by someone in their teens , 20’s or even tweens. It upsets me ALOT. Our seniors are fragile individuals who need a smile, hug or a good conversation. Not a sour face or a bad attitude. So please be considerate and treat others how you would like to be treated

Before I go blaming these individuals I’d like to get a close up of their own family lives. I’m guessing these individuals were brought up that way by their parents.So its really important to have a proper family structure and to be raised in household that teaches morals and ethics.Schools should even throw in a hand.

2nd is no one really cares how lucky we have it to live in a country that stable and free and of headaches

It just seems to me more and more youth are taking their freedoms for granted.Not knowing how our veterans sacrificed themselves for the better of our country. A lot of focus should be given to our great nations history and it should begin at a young age to breed appreciation throughout our citizens lifetime

@TinkaOCurry “If you think Remembrance Day is optional then perhaps your freedom should also be optional. #seriously


and this one goes out to early marketers!!!

@WBrettWilson Out of respect for #Nov11 – lets ask retailers to hold off on #Christmas marketing until Nov12. #RespectRemembranceDay



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