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Attic insulation is a vital part of cutting down on heat loss in the home. In an un-insulated house nearly 25% of the heat is lost through the roof, and this contributes to a huge amount of energy loss over the course of just one winter alone. It is very important to reduce this heat loss in order to save money on your energy bills.

The first thing you will need to do is assess the attic or loft space to try and decide which method of insulation is best for you. One of the major problems that people encounter is if they have issues with condensation or dampness in their attic. If this is the case then it is a very bad idea to install insulation without consulting an expert first. Adding attic insulation in this case can increase the amount of dampness and cause further problems. However this is not a big problem in the vast majority of cases. It should be relatively easy to identify if there is a problem as there will be noticeable patches of water in the loft space.

Insulation OptionsAttic Insulation available

The main options available in terms of attic insulation are mineral wool quilting, fibre glass quilting, rigid insulation boards, blown insulation or loose-fill insulation and reflective insulation. Which option you decide to go with will largely depend on which type of roof you have. Flat roofs usually need to be done with special rigid insulation boards, and these are often external weather proof boards. Pitched roofs with attic spaces can be insulated in a number of different ways depending on the intended use.

In a loft space, mineral wool quilting or fibre glass quilting can be used on its own. The quilting can be laid in between the spaces between the rafters and a complete layer added on top of this covering over the top of the rafters. If the attic space is to be used as a living or storage space then the mineral wool or fibre glass insulation can be used in conjunction with rigid insulation boards. The quilting is laid in between the rafters and the rigid insulation boards added on top to form a complete layer, and the flooring boards can then be laid directly on top. Ceiling insulation can also be added in the loft space. This can be done by adding insulation quilting into the spaces between the rafters and then sealing it with plasterboard.

If the attic space is quite small or is difficult to access then blown insulation or loose fill insulation is often the preferred method. The insulation product, which is usually loose fibre rock wool, fibre pellets or fibre glass, is blown into the attic cavity using a pneumatic pump. This makes the insulation possible in areas that are not easy to reach.

Another option mentioned is reflective insulation. There are many reflective insulation systems available, and they all work around the basis of reflecting the heat back into the house. There are a number of products available which are usually aluminium foils backed with different materials such as polythene bubbles or cardboard.

With such a wide variety of options available, selecting the right one for you can be difficult. In some cases, the choice will be limited by the type of attic space you have. One of the most important things to consider is the energy efficiency of your chosen product. It may seem like one particular option is expensive to begin with, but when you offset this against the reduced cost of your heating bills over time it may work out the most cost effective option.

Attic Insulation

There are a lot of grants available for people who wish to upgrade their house insulation; this means that more advanced and expensive methods of insulation may be affordable for you. You will need to conduct an inspection of the loft space, and carry out a cost benefit analysis of each of the options available and try to work out the best option. This could involve a number of different solutions, and should be part of a whole house inspection. For the best results it is a good idea to combine a number of solutions together to create a greater amount of energy efficiency throughout the whole house. This could mean adding attic insulation, double glazed windows and cutting down on the amount of draft in the house.

Although cost is always going to be a determining factor in which solution you are able to choose, it is best to choose the option with the best long term effectiveness for cutting down on heat loss as this will save you the most money over a long period of time.

As always the most versatile product wins the race, it’s been proven that spray foam insulation is one of the best products out there when it comes to Attic or ceiling insulation, with a high R value, spray foam will prevent the maximum amount of heat from escaping the house, it will also stop heat from creeping into the house during the summer seasons, saving you money around the whole calendar year. Contact “Foamit” your spray foam experts today to get a free estimate and also the best strategy to save you money. We provide attic insulation services in Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville and through out southern Ontario.

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