The National Fall Show 2012


Our company takes pride in meeting with guests. We happily answer all their question, as well as educate them on the benefits of spray foam insulation.


During our weekend at the Fall show, we had the opportunity to talk about the benefits of attic insulation. Which was everyones main interest. I was totally surprised that many home owners complained about the temperature differences between floors and when I asked if how their attic insulation was, their responses would be ” How do I check? ” and I would tell them to stick their heads up the attic hatchet to see how much insulation they had.

It really is simple, first you check if you see any studs. Secondly if you don’t just stick a tape measure and measure the height on blown in insulation in place.

Another main question was ” what was the best way to insulate a basement?”.Definitely spray foam.


I really do enjoy spending time at the home shows and mingling with all the curios homeowners regarding insulation.

I thank everyone who participated in the show and made it a success !

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